The terminal has an open area of 175,000 square metres, with operative 5 berths equipped with 3 ramps capable of hosting three ro-ro vessels. Mostly dedicated to TIR  trucks moving between Europe and Turkey, presently set over  150,00 trucks      

  • 3 RO/RO berths
  • 900 metres length
  • 40 feet draft
  • 14 TERBERG tractors
  • 100.000 square metres parking area
  • 8 sailings per week
  • 150.000 heavy vehicles per year

Ro-ro connections between Trieste and Turkey started in 1987 and presently connect the city to Pendik (on the Asian side of Istanbul), Ambarli and Mersin (South-Eastern Turkey).
8 ro-ro ferries operate on these routes, sailing daily to Pendik and twice a week to Ambarli and Mersin for a total of 8 sailings per week, mostly dedicated to trailers moving between Europe and Turkey, presently set over 150,000 trucks per year.
Since they do not carry passengers, drivers, once they have loaded their trucks, use a shuttle service from the Trieste Port to Ljubljana International Airport and fly directly to Turkey.