Container lift trucks are rounding up stray containers and transporting, lifting and stacking them between endpoints. Some cargo is weighted and needs a dependable structure that can manage the lifting and exact placement. Container lift trucks also must be able to keep a tight grip on empty containers whose movements can be less predictable.

The total life cycle cost is especially important to research when considering the purchase of a truck. Just like any vehicle, you need to think about fuel costs, inevitable maintenance costs and possible repairs. Efficiency and matching the vehicle to your needs are other issues to think about. How many loads are you expecting to lift? How much weight are you anticipating will be lifted?

These three types of port equipment are the most commonly used but are not the only machinery or innovations in the shipyard environment. Samer Seaports & Terminals continues to bring new innovations to these port cranes and the other equipment that keep the port working efficiently. In recent years, for example, we have lowered emissions for the environment and responded to the operators’ needs for a more comfortable and safer working environment. Contact us and find out more about our port cranes and their unbeatable innovations.